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hitsubi's Journal

Hitsugaya x Shunobi <3
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Welcome! This graphics journal belongs to me, shunobi09, it's where I post my graphics, such as icons, friends only banners, and occasionally, headers. :D Feel free to look around~

Most of my icons center around the fandoms I like, from animanga to music artists to fashion. ♥ If you do not agree with my likes, please do not bash them.

The meaning behind hitsubi is that I wanted to create a name where I could combine parts of Shunobi and Hitsugaya. Thus, Hitsu came from Hitsugaya and Bi came from Shunobi.

1. Don't claim you made the graphics I posted here. Credit shunobi09 @ hitsubi.
2. Upload the graphics onto your own server. [example: photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, etc.]
3. Do not edit the icons in any way.

feel free to
1. Affiliate, go here.
2. Friend/Watch this community, if you like my graphics.
3. Post a comment, I would love to hear what you think! ♥

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